Strive for Harmony

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Hey managers, I think I can offer the key to reducing #burnout in your teams.

First, let’s be clear:

  • True work-life balance doesn’t exist.
  • A 50-50 partnership in any relationship is a myth.
  • And we cannot give 100 percent 100 percent of the time.

We shouldn’t aim to chase unattainable perfection. Instead, we should strive for harmony. Harmony in the workplace, much like in music, means creating an environment where different elements come together in a state of agreement; an orderly arrangement that resonates with everyone involved.

In a state of harmony, we find resilience and flexibility where people adapt to the ever-changing present at work and in their personal lives. Harmonious workplaces recognize each individual’s unique contributions, understand that their best effort can vary from day to day, and support them through their highs and lows.

Let’s cultivate work environments filled with understanding and support where each team member can thrive.

Strive for harmony.

Do You Have a Harmonious Workplace?

Many privately-owned business owners, executives, and nonprofit leaders share worries about labor shortages, hybrid work, skills gaps, and retaining great talent. According to the Society of Human Resources Management and other authoritative sources, business leaders have some major concerns about the state of their workforce in 2024, including: labor shortages, remote and hybrid work, employee well-being, skills gaps, and lack of employee engagement.

If you share these concerns, WorkBalance Consulting put together a free scorecard to rate your organization’s culture. Simply click the link below and complete the short form to get your results.

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