Organizational Development and OCM at a Crane Rental Company

Commercial Crane Rental company

A crane rental company, despite its solid market presence, faced stagnation in its sales and marketing performance. The company struggled with outdated marketing strategies, an absence of a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system, and inefficient sales processes. Recognizing these challenges, the company’s director of marketing, one of WorkBalance’s consultants, initiated a comprehensive organizational development and change management project to revamp its marketing and sales operations.


  • To enhance the marketing performance by integrating modern digital marketing techniques and tools.
  • To streamline the sales process through the adoption of a centralized CRM system.
  • To improve sales team efficiency and customer retention through targeted training and system integration.


Assessment Phase:

  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of the company’s marketing efforts, focusing on website effectiveness, social media presence, and the lack of an email marketing system.
  • Reviewed sales data, financial records, and conducted interviews with the sales team to understand the existing sales process and its shortcomings.

Implementation Phase:

  • CRM System Integration: Selected and implemented Salesforce as the centralized CRM solution tailored to the company’s needs. Developed a custom training program, including a Salesforce Trailmix, to ensure smooth adoption by the sales team.
  • Website and Digital Marketing Overhaul: Redesigned and redeveloped the company’s website using WordPress. Procured a marketing automation system and integrated it with Salesforce for efficient lead management and customer engagement.
  • Data Consolidation: Gathered all customer-related data from the sales team, cleaned the data for accuracy, and imported it into Salesforce.

Training and Development:

  • Organized a series of workshops for the sales team to familiarize them with the new CRM system and digital marketing tools.
  • Delivered weekly training mini-workshops at sales meetings to reinforce skills and ensure consistent usage of the new systems.
  • Provided ongoing coaching and monitored performance to address any issues promptly.


  • Enhanced Sales Performance: The introduction of Salesforce and a structured sales process led to an immediate improvement in sales team efficiency and effectiveness. Sales figures saw a significant increase, driven by better lead management and customer engagement.
  • Improved Customer Retention: The new marketing automation system, combined with a revamped website, resulted in higher customer engagement and satisfaction. This led to better return customer rates and enhanced customer retention.
  • Cohesive Team Approach: The comprehensive training and ongoing support fostered a more cohesive and collaborative approach within the sales team. The adoption of modern tools and processes unified the team towards common goals and strategies.


This organizational development and change management project transformed the company’s marketing and sales operations. By adopting modern technologies and processes, and through targeted training and development, the company not only improved its sales and customer retention but also positioned itself strongly for future growth. This case study exemplifies how strategic changes in systems and processes, coupled with a focus on team development, can drive significant improvements in organizational performance.

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