New eCommerce Systems for a Niche Retailer

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An eCommerce company specializing in niche items identified the need for a significant system overhaul. The existing eCommerce system was out-of-date, requiring costly and frequent updates. Performance issues and a lack of standard eCommerce features further compounded the problem, prompting the company to seek a more efficient and feature-rich solution.


The primary objective was to transition to a new eCommerce system that would not only address the current limitations but also streamline operations, improve user experience (UX), and enhance overall website performance. This transition aimed to empower the staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the new system effectively and adapt their workflows accordingly.

Solution Implementation

Choosing the Right Technology

After a thorough evaluation process conducted with the executive team and a website development company, WordPress and WooCommerce were selected for their excellent integration capabilities and the flexibility they offered for customization. This choice was based on their widespread adoption, support community, and the ability to integrate with various other systems.

Redesign and Redevelopment

Serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and advisor, I oversaw the redesign and redevelopment of the website, ensuring that the new system met the company’s specific needs. The deployment was handled with high competence, with a focus on leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce’s strengths to create a robust eCommerce platform.

Performance and Competence Assessments

Throughout the development phase, I conducted assessments to evaluate website performance, staff competence in managing eCommerce operations, and the competitive landscape. These assessments informed a comprehensive plan for staff training and development.

Training and Development

To facilitate the transition, we initiated a series of in-person and virtual training sessions, designed in iterative stages. These sessions covered various components of the site, reporting features, and new process flows, allowing for staff feedback that led to incremental improvements. The training program was supplemented with screen-capture videos and a document library for ongoing reference.

Empowering the Team

Senior team members were trained to deliver training to new employees, ensuring a sustainable model for knowledge transfer and skill development. The training sessions resulted in positive feedback from the staff, demonstrating strong knowledge transfer and high levels of engagement.


The project culminated in several key outcomes:

  • Increased Staff Competence: The staff exhibited a high level of self-efficacy and competence in managing eCommerce activities, contributing to smoother operations and faster product and process iterations.
  • Enhanced UX and Website Performance: The new system provided an improved user experience and website performance, leading to increased conversions and revenue.
  • Improved Team Cohesiveness: The project fostered team cohesiveness, with employees displaying increased engagement and career growth opportunities.
  • Strategic Alignment: Web performance metrics were closely aligned with strategic objectives, including customer satisfaction, return customer rates, average order value, and employee engagement.


The transition to a new eCommerce system for the retailer was not just about upgrading technology; it was a comprehensive effort that involved strategic planning, staff development, and process optimization. The success of the project underscores the importance of choosing the right technology platform, engaging in thorough planning and assessment, and investing in employee training and development. This holistic approach ensured that the company could leverage its new eCommerce system to achieve significant improvements in operations, customer experience, and business outcomes.

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