How can I manage employee resistance to change?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Change Management, I-O Psychology, Organizational Development | 0 comments

The best answer I can give based on research: listen to your employees.

During the ending phase of a change initiative – which is where the current state ends and change begins – people express unhappiness and discomfort. Morale declines, performance decreases, and managers may wish to quit.

Allow people to express their emotions safely. Do not overreact. Let them vent and acknowledge their feelings. As my organizational development and change leadership mentor, Alan Landers, says, “Wear a tomato suit.” Accept the negativity, but hang in there. Encourage their hearts by continuing to listen and share the vision.

Also, give workers opportunities to contribute to decision-making processes. Inclusive workplaces help employees develop organizational commitment and improve self-efficacy.

Listen to bring about harmonious workplaces.

Take the WorkBalance Consulting Workplace Culture Scorecard:

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